sedation dentistry CorinthMany patients deal with extreme apprehension at the mere thought of going to the dentist. Even a regular check-up is overwhelming for some. But the availability of sedation dentistry has provided a practical solution for many individuals.

It is not just nervous patients that can benefit from sedation dentistry. Physical or mental limitations can make dental treatment impractical. The inability to recline for extended periods can make many procedures difficult to complete.

The requirements for utilizing sedation dentistry are minimal … reliable transportation is a must. Since the patient will be in a somewhat groggy state for several hours, a ride to and from the dental office is needed; it is also helpful to have someone be able to stay with the patient on their return home for a few hours to assist as needed and prevent accidental falls.

Sedation dentistry is administered by a dentist who has completed the necessary training; the office and assisting dental staff are prepared to offer the safest and most comfortable treatment available.

Your treatment starts at home with the administration of an oral sedative about an hour before your scheduled appointment. Upon arrival at the dental office, you are already feeling relaxed. Additional medication is given; and although you remain conscious throughout your procedure, many patients don’t remember anything as if they slept during treatment.

The patient is continually monitored. And since they are so relaxed, there is no stress for either the patient or the dentist rendering treatment. Very often, hygiene visits can be coupled with needed restorative work so the patient can have all dental work completed in one easy visit.

The patient will be advised to go home and rest upon treatment completion … returning to work or school the same day is typically not recommended. However, the following day the patient should not experience any side effects from the sedatives given and can expect to proceed with their normal schedule.

Sedation dentistry is beneficial for patients with anxiety and/or disabilities. It is safe, effective, and opens the door for patients that have endured a lifetime of dental problems due to their inability to make and keep dental appointments.

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