dental implants CorinthTooth loss can occur for many reasons including trauma, disease, infection, or teeth that might never have erupted properly. The best solution to restore the functionality of smiling, speaking, and eating all your favorite foods is with dental implants.

Whether you need one, two, several, or an entire arch of teeth; your dentist can help you to achieve the desired results.

While completion time varies depending on the extent of treatment needed, the process is pretty much the same. A consultation outlining what is needed is completed that includes a medical review, a thorough dental exam including x-rays, and a discussion of what you can anticipate throughout treatment; also a request for your commitment to do everything you can to ensure a successful outcome.

Once you become a qualified candidate, your dentist will commence treatment by placing a small titanium post in the gum tissue where tooth loss has occurred. Titanium will promote bone growth that is on-going throughout the healing period.

You will be asked to keep the surgical area as clean as possible to prevent infection, a leading cause of implant failure. Discontinuing the use of tobacco products of all kinds will also be strongly recommended.

Once healed, a customized restoration will have been fabricated to be permanently affixed to the abutment that was attached to the implant. Your dentist will have designed a unit that matches surrounding teeth in shape, size, and coloring so no one will be able to tell the implant from your natural teeth. At this point, your dental implant process is complete.

The final result means you can smile and laugh without fear of embarrassment due to missing teeth. You will also be able to speak clearly when teeth are restored. But the most important facet of this procedure is the ability to eat all your favorite foods is restored.

Chewing foods is as natural as what you remembered with your biological teeth. Whether you want to enjoy crispy fruits and vegetables, a nice juicy cut of meat, munching on nuts or snacks, or just enjoying what everyone else is eating, you can do so without any restrictions.

Caring for your implant is identical to what you have been doing all along … brush twice daily with a fluoridated tooth paste, floss daily, and visit your dentist twice yearly for a professional cleaning and exam.

To find out if you are a candidate for dental implants or to learn more about your tooth replacement options, contact the office of Dr. Eric Smith at 940-321-2340 today.


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