Invisalign CorinthHaving your teeth straightened is a process. If you are trying to correct a malocclusion that has resulted in severely crooked teeth or just need to make a smaller adjustment, the enhancement will be done over a period of time in a subtle fashion. Your dentist will recommend the method that will work best to correct your bite while accommodating your lifestyle as much as possible.

Naturally, patients who have entered into orthodontic care will be looking for any signs of improvement; and depending on the condition of your smile at the onset of treatment, you will likely start to see little changes within a couple of cycles if Invisalign is your method of teeth straightening.  A cycle is a two week period where you continue to wear an aligner; every two weeks, you will replace the aligner you have been wearing with the next in the series.

The way Invisalign works is very similar to all orthodontic treatment in that teeth are shifted over time to their correct occlusion. A consultation with your dentist will identify the best way to complete teeth straightening. Photographs, dental x-rays, and oral impressions will be taken. These tools will be sent to the Invisalign lab where skilled technicians will utilize 3-D digital technology to produce a series of clear aligners that will work to gently reposition teeth over a period of time.

With metal braces, wires are employed that are regularly adjusted to keep teeth moving; with Invisalign each aligner works the same way, with each updated aligner designed to move teeth to a new position with each two week cycle.

If Invisalign teeth straightening is selected, the patient will enjoy this transparent form of treatment as aligners are not only clear, they are removable. This means the wearer can continue to eat all the foods they wish as braces are removed for snacks and meals.

Being removable makes the daily task of oral maintenance (brushing and flossing) easier; and allows a thorough cleaning to be completed every six months at your regularly scheduled dental appointment.

Whether you are having your bite corrected with Invisalign or a different method, changes will take time. But the result will be the same … a smile makeover coupled with healthier teeth and gums for your lifetime.

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