cosmetic dentistry CorinthCosmetic dentistry has provided numerous advancements in recent years making many procedures once only available to the wealthy now more acceptable and accessible for many patients. Dental stain, crooked or misshapen teeth, chipped enamel … our dental team has a solution for these and many more cosmetic issues. You can arrange a consultation to see what can be done to enhance your smile!

Teeth whitening – This is possibly one of the most effective cosmetic enhancements you can enjoy. Patients wishing to have teeth whitened in one brief visit can opt for in-office whitening. There is also a program that allows the patient to whiten teeth at their own pace in the privacy of home with a customized plan designed to work for their needs.

Acquiring teeth whitening from your dentist versus online or your local store has numerous advantages: if you have questions or concerns, there is a dental professional available to address them. Being dispensed by a licensed dentist, the products you buy from your dentist are the most effective and powerful on the market giving you rapid and successful results when directions are correctly followed.

Tooth-colored restorations – Dental bonding or decay repair can be completed using a tooth colored composite resin that is both safe and aesthetically appealing. Cosmetic repairs can be done; old amalgam fillings can be removed and replaced; and small chips can be resolved using this strong bonding material. Completed repairs are virtually undetectable.

Porcelain veneers – Veneers are wafer thin, tooth colored shells that are made to be placed on the front of teeth requiring correction. One or multiple veneers can be prescribed to correct problems such as gaps between teeth, uneven or misshapen teeth, deep dental stain, or broken teeth.

Veneers are made by the dental lab to the size, shape, and color as designated by your dentist. When they are ready to place, they will be “tried-in” for size, comfort, appearance, and functionality. Small tweaks can be made by your dentist, if needed. A minimal amount of dental enamel will have been removed from the front of teeth receiving veneers so when cemented in place they will blend in with untreated teeth.

You can readily see how cosmetic dentistry can enhance your smile. But it is up to you to take the first. Contact the office of Dr. Eric Smith at 940-321-2340 to schedule your professional consultation.


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