Invisalign CorinthInvisalign is an increasingly popular method for straightening a crooked smile using barely noticeable clear plastic trays instead of conventional orthodontic appliances. Invisalign has an added advantage of a shorter treatment timeline than standard braces. If you are curious about this treatment option, the first step in getting started with Invisalign is an initial consultation with a dentist who provides this service.

At this first appointment, your dentist will examine your smile and collect information that is needed to design the Invisalign trays to produce the desired outcome. This may require dental impressions, photos or x-rays, or some combination thereof. That data is then assessed by three-dimensional computer imaging software to produce your custom-designed trays.

The provider will also determine whether Invisalign is likely to be effective in your case when you visit the office for the first time. Invisalign is able to address a wide variety of issues, from crowding to malocclusions, but it may not be the best choice for all patients.

Additionally, you will receive information about how Invisalign works, as well as the advantages of the treatment and responsibilities that the patient has in exchange for the increased convenience offered by Invisalign.

If you decide to move forward with Invisalign after your initial consultation, you can begin active treatment when the trays are ready. You’ll return to the office to receive the trays, as well as education on proper wear to achieve a straighter smile in the expected timeframe.

It’s important that you follow your provider’s instructions closely in order to achieve the desired repositioning of the teeth. Wear your aligners at least 20-22 hours a day, and don’t remove them outside of mealtime or when you’re brushing and flossing. You must also switch out the trays according to the prescribed schedule. Typically patients will change to a new tray every other week or so.

Are you interested in Invisalign to enhance your smile? Contact the office of Dr. Eric Smith at 940-321-2340 to schedule a consultation and get started down your treatment path.


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