dental implants CorinthDental implants provide an ideal solution for patients that have experienced tooth loss through trauma, disease, decay, or a lack of biological teeth erupting.

Determining the candidacy of the patient involves a review of overall health followed by a comprehensive dental examination that includes dental x-rays. Sufficient bone strength is important to the success of the implant; if there is concern for lack of bone, a bone graft procedure might be required prior to placement.

The implant itself is a small titanium post that is surgically placed in gum tissue where tooth loss has occurred. During a healing period, the patient is undergoing a process called osseointegration. Jaw bone is grafting to the implant forming a strong base that will support the restoration that will eventually cover the implant.

The implant is usually made from titanium for its unique ability to merge with bone; in addition, titanium is a metal that the body does not very often reject.

Once the implant and surrounding tissue are completely healed, the dentist will cover the implant with an abutment. The final restoration will be tried in for fit and function. When all is correct (small adjustments can be made at this time, if needed) the prosthesis will be permanently cemented into place.

At this time, the implant procedure is completed. The patient will care for the implanted tooth just as care for biological teeth is rendered … daily brushing with a fluoridated tooth paste, daily flossing (the dentist will demonstrate the best way to floss around the implant), and visits every six months for cleaning and a dental exam complete what is needed for great dental health.

In addition, your dentist might recommend an antibacterial rinse for use during the healing period and once the restoration has been placed. This is like a little added insurance if there is any concern about infection.

The final restoration has been made to perfectly match surrounding natural teeth. So the result will be a tooth so natural and lifelike, no one will be able to tell which tooth is implanted.  The dental implant has proven its longevity … it will likely last your lifetime.

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