Clear Correct Braces CorinthIf you’re in the workforce and want to straighten your smile, you may be reluctant to do so if it means wearing clunky metal appliances that detract from your professional appearance. Fortunately, a system called Invisalign offers a good alternative to adults who want to avoid obscuring their smiles – or worse, looking like a teenager – during orthodontic treatment.

This system of clear correct braces uses plastic trays to apply forces to the teeth in the same way that conventional braces use brackets and wires. Because the trays are clear, they’re barely noticeable to the average observer. No one will be any the wiser that you’re receiving orthodontic treatment.

Additionally, the trays can be removed at mealtime, which is advantageous for professionals attending business lunches. There’s no need to adapt your eating habits to accommodate braces when you choose Invisalign.

Your dentist will give you instructions on the proper use of your Invisalign trays. While they can be removed to eat or perform your oral hygiene routine, you need to be sure to wear them long enough each day to get the desired effects. Usually, patients leave the trays in for 20-22 hours each day.

The trays are progressive, so patients will swap them out periodically as well. Your dentist will direct you on the frequency of these changes, which is generally every other week or so.

Because patients take on much responsibility for this treatment, they have fewer appointments for adjustments than patients with conventional braces do. You’ll go to the dental office periodically for checks on your progress, but you won’t spend too much time away from your work office in the process.

Invisalign can allow you to continue to flash a cool, confident smile throughout your orthodontic treatment, which is a tremendous asset for a working professional. If you’re interested in learning more about this treatment option, contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

Clear Correct Braces CorinthDo you wish there was a discreet way to straighten your teeth? Do you fear wearing conspicuous metal and wire braces? Fortunately, there is a solution. Clear Correct Braces are a method of straightening the placement of your teeth in a very comfortable and discreet way. These braces are made of clear plastics and are worn like a retainer. Referred to as aligners, these oral appliances work the same way that traditional braces do by applying continuous and gentle force to the teeth to facilitate movement. Clear Correct Braces are great for teenagers and adults who desire a straighter smile without having to wear traditional metal and wire braces.

What are the benefits of clear braces?

Clear braces present a few unique advantages when compared to traditional orthodontic appliances. First, the aligners are made from clear plastic. This means that patients can straighten their teeth very discreetly. Secondly, aligners are comfortable because there are no metal parts that scrape against the soft tissues of the mouth. Lastly, Clear Correct is removable. This means patients can remove their aligners during meals and when flossing and brushing.

How does Clear Correct work?

Much like regular braces do, Clear Correct uses force to move teeth over time. Patients will wear a set of aligners 22 hours of each day. These aligners are custom made to suit the orthodontic needs of each patient. Each set of aligners is worn for a few weeks and then swapped out for a tighter set. Patients will progress through each phase of treatment until the desired results are achieved.

What kinds of problems can Clear Correct treat?

These types of braces can correct any type of spacing issue between teeth including gapped, crowded, and overlapped teeth. These aligners can also improve a patient’s occlusion (bite) so that oral function is more comfortable and smooth.

I’m interested in clear braces, what should I do next?

If you’re interested in learning more about invisible braces, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our dentist. At your appointment, our team can determine if you are a candidate for this treatment.

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