dental implants CorinthDental implants provide an ideal solution for patients that have experienced tooth loss through trauma, disease, decay, or a lack of biological teeth erupting.

Determining the candidacy of the patient involves a review of overall health followed by a comprehensive dental examination that includes dental x-rays. Sufficient bone strength is important to the success of the implant; if there is concern for lack of bone, a bone graft procedure might be required prior to placement.

The implant itself is a small titanium post that is surgically placed in gum tissue where tooth loss has occurred. During a healing period, the patient is undergoing a process called osseointegration. Jaw bone is grafting to the implant forming a strong base that will support the restoration that will eventually cover the implant.

The implant is usually made from titanium for its unique ability to merge with bone; in addition, titanium is a metal that the body does not very often reject.

Once the implant and surrounding tissue are completely healed, the dentist will cover the implant with an abutment. The final restoration will be tried in for fit and function. When all is correct (small adjustments can be made at this time, if needed) the prosthesis will be permanently cemented into place.

At this time, the implant procedure is completed. The patient will care for the implanted tooth just as care for biological teeth is rendered … daily brushing with a fluoridated tooth paste, daily flossing (the dentist will demonstrate the best way to floss around the implant), and visits every six months for cleaning and a dental exam complete what is needed for great dental health.

In addition, your dentist might recommend an antibacterial rinse for use during the healing period and once the restoration has been placed. This is like a little added insurance if there is any concern about infection.

The final restoration has been made to perfectly match surrounding natural teeth. So the result will be a tooth so natural and lifelike, no one will be able to tell which tooth is implanted.  The dental implant has proven its longevity … it will likely last your lifetime.

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dental implants CorinthBeing able to keep your biological teeth for your lifetime is a worthy goal. But for patients that have suffered oral trauma, disease, extensive decay, or whose teeth never erupted properly, there is a solution that mimics your own natural teeth … dental implants.

Whether you require teeth extraction or are missing teeth already, your dentist can resolve your dental dilemma. Dental implants will be placed in the gums where one or more teeth are missing … whether you need one tooth, a bridge, or an entire arch, dental implants can provide a solution.

The implant itself is a small titanium post that is surgically embedded in the gum tissue. You will undergo a period of time to allow the implant area to heal; during this time bone is fusing to the implant to give it strength to support the restoration much like the roots of a natural tooth support the structure seen above the gum line.

Once the healing process is completed, your dentist will fit you with a dental prosthesis that will so closely match your missing biological teeth, no one will be able to tell the difference. This final restoration may be one crown, an implant-supported bridge, or entire denture.

You will now have permanent teeth that allow you to speak and smile without concern or embarrassment. But most importantly, dental implants allow you to enjoy all the foods you love. There are no limits … crunchy, chewy, hard, or soft. You no longer have to cut your food into tiny bites or smash into soft mush. You can enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, a thick juicy steak, or crunchy nuts and chips … many of the things you had to avoid before are no longer forbidden.

Now that your smile makeover is complete, taking care of your new teeth is as easy as ever. Brush twice daily with a fluoridated tooth paste, floss daily, and see your dentist every six months for a cleaning and dental exam. 

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dental implants CorinthTooth loss can occur for many reasons including trauma, disease, infection, or teeth that might never have erupted properly. The best solution to restore the functionality of smiling, speaking, and eating all your favorite foods is with dental implants.

Whether you need one, two, several, or an entire arch of teeth; your dentist can help you to achieve the desired results.

While completion time varies depending on the extent of treatment needed, the process is pretty much the same. A consultation outlining what is needed is completed that includes a medical review, a thorough dental exam including x-rays, and a discussion of what you can anticipate throughout treatment; also a request for your commitment to do everything you can to ensure a successful outcome.

Once you become a qualified candidate, your dentist will commence treatment by placing a small titanium post in the gum tissue where tooth loss has occurred. Titanium will promote bone growth that is on-going throughout the healing period.

You will be asked to keep the surgical area as clean as possible to prevent infection, a leading cause of implant failure. Discontinuing the use of tobacco products of all kinds will also be strongly recommended.

Once healed, a customized restoration will have been fabricated to be permanently affixed to the abutment that was attached to the implant. Your dentist will have designed a unit that matches surrounding teeth in shape, size, and coloring so no one will be able to tell the implant from your natural teeth. At this point, your dental implant process is complete.

The final result means you can smile and laugh without fear of embarrassment due to missing teeth. You will also be able to speak clearly when teeth are restored. But the most important facet of this procedure is the ability to eat all your favorite foods is restored.

Chewing foods is as natural as what you remembered with your biological teeth. Whether you want to enjoy crispy fruits and vegetables, a nice juicy cut of meat, munching on nuts or snacks, or just enjoying what everyone else is eating, you can do so without any restrictions.

Caring for your implant is identical to what you have been doing all along … brush twice daily with a fluoridated tooth paste, floss daily, and visit your dentist twice yearly for a professional cleaning and exam.

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dental implants CorinthAre you searching for a comfortable, durable tooth replacement option? Do you want a very natural looking prosthetic that functions closely to a biological tooth? Dental implants are a great way to address the loss of oral function and the aesthetic effects of tooth loss on one’s appearance.

Patients and dental professionals alike are raving about dental implants because these prosthetic teeth preserve oral health structures, restore oral function, and improve appearance. Moreover, implants have a very long lifespan and in some cases, can last a lifetime. Patients who have lost teeth or have a failing tooth are likely candidates for implants. Certain conditions like bone degeneration and gum disease can affect the success rate of a dental implant. Lifestyle choices such as smoking can affect implant candidacy as well.

What makes up a dental implant?

A dental implant and its prosthetic replace a tooth’s visible structure (the crown) and its roots. An implant is a small textured post that resembles a screw. Made from titanium, an implant is biocompatible with the body. This is because bone is able to fuse and integrate with titanium as if it were natural, mineralized structure.

Our dentist will surgically embed the implant into the jaw, where it will eventually be stabilized by bone. Once the implant is stable, a permanent crown is attached to an abutment on the implant. A crown is a tooth-shaped prosthetic that is custom made for each patient. Crowns are designed so that they fit perfectly between teeth. Once the crown is attached to the implant, a patient can enjoy life as they would with a natural tooth.

How does one care for dental implants?

Compared to other prosthetics like bridges and dentures, implants are relatively low maintenance. Patients with implants will floss and brush their teeth and prosthetics as normal. Flossing and brushing is important to keep the mouth clean and the gums healthy. Those with implants should also visit the dentist for regular checkups and cleanings to ensure that common conditions like gum disease are not affecting the stability of the implant.

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