Custom Dentures

Restore your Smile with Custom Dentures

Unlike childhood, where losing teeth marks the beginning of becoming an adult, tooth loss in adulthood negatively affects oral health and can be psychologically traumatizing. In addition to impaired oral function, patients typically suffer with self-esteem because their smile is incomplete. Fortunately, our dentist offers fixed, removable, and partial dentures to renew your smile.

The Negative Effects of Tooth Loss

Just losing a single tooth can reduce oral function and affect self-confidence. Furthermore, once one tooth is lost, a patient will have a higher risk for losing more teeth because teeth neighboring empty tooth sockets are unsupported.

Tooth loss also leads to TMJ disorder and bone loss. TMJ disorder occurs when a patient’s bite is misaligned and the TMJ has to strain the facial muscles and ligaments to hold the jaws in their rightful place when eating and speaking. This disorder can lead to painful symptoms such as frequent headaches and discomfort when closing or opening the mouth. Bone loss, caused by the body resorbing jawbone, will ultimately affect the shape of the mouth and can make patients appear older than they actually are.

Custom Made Dentures Improve Oral Function and Appearance

Although dentures have been used for hundreds of years, modern methods and materials used in their construction has helped these prosthetic teeth appear more lifelike and feel more comfortable. To ensure that dentures comfortably fit a patient’s mouth, these prosthetics are made by trained technicians based on measurements and specifications determined by our dentist for the unique needs of each patient.

Our dentist offers different options when it comes to replacing lost teeth with dentures. Partial dentures are used to replace a few missing teeth while full dentures are used to replace a full arch of teeth. Dentures may also be fixed to metal appliances that snap on existing tooth structure or anchored to dental implants for additional stability and security.

To determine which tooth replacement method is best for your needs, we welcome you to schedule an examination with our experienced and compassionate dental team.

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