The Free Whitening For Life! program is a program that we offer to our New and Existing patients as a Thank You to them, their families and their friends.

How does the program work?

All new adult patients are eligible once they have seen the Dentist and completed initial periodontal examination, X-Rays and cleaning. Existing patients are eligible for the program as well.

What do you get?

At your initial visit, we will make impressions for custom whitening trays. When you return for the custom trays, we will explain how to use and provide 2 tubes of Whitening for Free. When you return for your 6 month cleaning and exam, we will provide you with 1 additional tube of Whitening.

How to remain eligible.

You must maintain 6 month hygiene appointments with required X-Rays and examinations. To get started with your Free Whitening For Life, contact us today.


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