Invisalign® Clear Aligner System

Orthodontic Treatment for Comfort and Convenience

The end results of orthodontic treatment are certainly worthwhile, but many patients are reluctant to endure months or even years of a smile obscured by metal appliances. With its clear, removable plastic trays, Invisalign offers these patients a more convenient and comfortable alternative.

The Invisalign trays apply forces to the teeth to reposition them without the use of brackets and wires.

Convenient Change

Patients who choose Invisalign generally find it easier to keep up with their normal oral hygiene habits, as they don’t have to worry about an archwire that restricts access to the gumline or brackets that trap debris against the teeth.

Additionally, the trays can be removed at mealtime, so there’s no need to forego certain foods, like corn on the cob and crunchy fruits and vegetables. Patients can continue to enjoy a varied, healthy diet throughout orthodontic treatment.

Of course, the effects on the smile’s appearance are another major advantage for Invisalign. Patients can continue to see their smiles and enjoy the results of the treatment in real-time. There’s no need to wait for months before seeing your teeth again!

Easy Treatments and Follow Ups 

Invisalign also requires fewer trips to our office, as patients can switch out the trays on their own by following the schedule provided by Dr. Smith. Dr. Smith does not need to make any adjustments to the appliances, although patients do still check in periodically so that we can monitor the treatment’s progress.

Invisalign also poses less risk of painful damage to the soft tissues of the mouth due to the absence of brackets and wires.

Although Invisalign gives patients more freedom, patients play a more active role with this treatment method than with conventional orthodontics. The patient must be sure to wear the tray for the recommended length of time (20-22 hours) each day and change the trays as instructed by Dr. Smith.

If you’d like to enhance your smile but have been put off by the idea of standard orthodontic treatment, consider Invisalign as an alternative that may be a better fit with your lifestyle. Talk to our team today to see if Invisalign might be an option in your case.


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